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Will Enlighten work with other USB to DMX interfaces
Enlighten is designed to only work with our Enlighten DMX to USB interface. The demo version is fully functional but will not output DMX unless the Enlighten DMX to USB interface is connected to the computers USB port.


Is it reliable to run my light show from a computer
Many stand alone lighting consoles today use windows software for their OS platform. Using a freshly installed windows machine with just Enlighten Software loaded will give you extremely reliable and safe DMX lighting control. Enlighten is designed to run very effectively on a touch screen system and shortcut keys can be assigned for quick hands on control. Also external MIDI fader wings can be used to activate scenes.


When I Start the 3D Visualizer, it does not work.
The 3D Visualizer uses OpenGL technology to render the light beams and room. If when you try to open the 3D viewer it does not function properly update your Video Card Driver and make sure it is capable of running OpenGL compliant software.


Will Enlighten Control any DMX Fixture
Enlighten is designed to control any manufacturers fixtures as long as they are compliant to the DMX-512 Standard. The Enlighten DMX to USB interface has both a 5 pin DMX connector and 3 pin Dmx connector.


I get no DMX Output for my interface

Make sure the to tool bar of  the Enlighten software displays the message "USB to DMX Interface Activated", If this message does not appear then unplug, then re-plug the USB interface.


My Fixtures are not responding as expected, colors or functions do no match.

Check to make sure you are using the correct Fixture mode and all fixtures are addressed properly. If the mode is correct check the fixture profile, using the Fixture editor. Please report any problems with profiles to us.


How do I get started

Under the Support menu watch all the tutorial videos, this will give you hands on training and make getting started easier.


How many Universes does Enlighten Support

We have tested 10 on one computer running at 2Ghz. There is no software limitations to dmx universes on CPU power and memory.


Does Enlighten have a 3D Visualizer

Enlighten has a simple 3D Visualizer that will allow you to pre-program shows, and visualize light beams, gobos, and colors in a 3D room.