Playback with Enlighten Control Wing
The Enlighten Control Wing was designed to be as close to the software operation as possible, so most of the Playback operations in the software are duplicated on the control surface. Listed in this section are the few operations that require prior knowledge to function properly.

There are two mode that the Faders 1 to 8 operate in playback Mode.

Fader Mode

When a button is assigned to a fader, the fader controls the intensity of the look. When the fader is at 0 the look is de-activated. When the fader value goes above 0, the look is activated and the fader/Bump/Wheel combination controls are shown in the illustration below.

Button Group Mode

In button group mode, the fader/Bump/wheel combinations mimics the group sub master operation in the software as illustrated below.

Live Modifications

While a button/sequence is playing back any of the programming functions can be adjusted or changed.