How to Create a Conventional Cue List with Manual Trigger

TimeLine Buttons allow the user to create a button that can act as a standard cue list. Using the timeline scheduler will not allow for manual cross fades, changing cross fade times, or controlling sub masters, to do this please use the Button Groups. 

To create a TimeLine button, you must have some sequence buttons already programmed in Enlighten on any of the pages that are set up. Once Sequence Buttons have been created, we can create a Timeline button by choosing the Tools>Advanced Tools>TimeLine Button Scheduler Menu option.

A spread sheet window will appear at the bottom of the screen. From the drop down boxes select the events in the order you what them to play back and make sure the trigger type is set to manual. The illustration below shows an example.

To test the schedule press the play button, then press the forward or reverse buttons to navigate to the events. When you are satisfied with the result save the button from the exit menu. It will display on the current page and when ever pressed will run the video/audio and the light show as programmed.

The scheduler is very versatile; it can use media time, Midi Time, Relative time, and Day/Time to trigger events. All types of triggers work the same way -  just select the trigger in the trigger column and set the time in the start column.