Loading the Software

The first step to working with Enlighten is to load the software and drivers for the USB to DMX interface. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your machine is on and the USB to DMX interface is NOT Connected

2. Find the USB Drive supplied with the Enlighten Package, and on it, the Enlighten Setup.exe file. Double click this file.

3. If no USB drive is supplied the newest install file can be found at http://www.mega-lite.com/forms/enlight.php

4. Follow the Installer instructions and select all of the default options.

5. At the end of the install, a black pop-up window will appear.  This is the drivers for Enlighten loading. Once completed, please restart your machine and plug in the USB cable to the USB to DMX interface and computer.

6. The installer will place an Enlighten shortcut on your desktop.  Double click it to start Enlighten for the first time!