How to Control a Sequence Button with a Sub Master

Enlighten allows the user to build each scene one at a time as buttons and then navigate or cross fade them using button groups. A button group is a group of buttons organized together, containing all the scenes and looks needed to complete a stage show, presentation, or production. The following instructions will give us a step by step look at a common lighting scenario and how to use the group sub masters to run a show.

First we need to build each scene needed one at a time and save them as sequence buttons, refer to the help list on how to do this.

Next we need to make sure to arrange the buttons next to each other like in the image below. Imagine that each button is a scene and the one next to it is the next scene. When creating the button group, we will navigate back and forth between buttons.

 Next we need to create the button group. Press the create group icon under the programming mode tab.

Once you are in button create mode, draw the button group around the buttons you need the sub master to control.

A dialog will appear to ask you the color for the background of the button group and the Sub Master Fader.

Next we will be asked to name the button group. Both the name and color can be changed later.

The completed button group will look like the one below. In addition to creating a button group, there will also be a sub master created to control the dimmer values of the buttons in the button group. The button group and corresponding sub master offer features making control over your stage a quick and simple task.

Button Groups can be moved and sized after they are created. To move a button group and all the buttons in it, move the mouse to the top left corner. The mouse icon will change to the Move icon. Left click and then move the group where you need it. The button group can be sized by moving the mouse to the far right edge, or far bottom edge at the point where the mouse icon changes.

Now that we have a button group and Button Group Sub Master we have many different controls to the buttons in this group. From the button group sub master we can control next and previous button/Scene, Go button functionality, Live Cross fade with adjustable time override, and manual cross fade for live applications. Below is a diagram indicating the controls available on the group sub master.

Next Active Button Label Displays the the next button that will become active when the go button is pressed
Next/Previous Active Buttons Navigates between buttons in a button group. The active button will be indicated by a blue highlight behind it
Go Button When the Next active button and the Current active button is not the same, the go button will press the next active button. When the next active button and current active button is the same, the go button will be the go of a sequence button steps.
Button Group Sub Master This fade controls the intensity of  the Current Active Sequence Button
Current Active Button Label Displays the current Active button for the button group
Button Group Name Displays the The name of the button group
Manual Cross fade Slider Allows for the manual control of cross fade between buttons or between Steps in a button
Cross Fade Time Adjust When clicked, this will set the auto cross fade time override for the transition between a button or step in a button.