Editing Fixtures in the 3D visualizer

The 3d Visualizer is meant to give the user a very basic idea of how the room and lights will look in action. The initial setup of the fixture positions can easily be accomplished using the fixture layout window (click on Programming mode). This window gives a bird's eye view of the room.  The values seen here will be transferred to the 3D visualizer. 

 The 3D Visualizer can be opened by pressing the icon that reads 3D on the toolbar.  The computer you are using must have a video card with OpenGL capabilities - otherwise, the program may not function properly when trying to use the visualizer.

To edit the positions of the lights in a room, we must activate the edit menu by clicking the Edit Fixtures and Object Positions Option.


From the drop down menu, select the fixture you want to move. Use the arrows next to the X, Y, and Z readouts to change the fixture positions. You can also click on a fixture and move or rotate it using the mouse.  

The Rendering Properties menu changes how the 3D room loads in several ways.  For example, if you don't want the layout of your 3D room to correspond to that of the Fixture Layout view, you can select the Disconnect from Fixture option.