How to Activate Buttons with Keyboard Shortcuts

All Sequence Buttons can be assigned a keyboard shortcut. Page buttons can also be assigned a keyboard shortcut. This allows the user to press keys to run the show instead of using a mouse.

Note: there is one universal shortcut key that functions when in Playback Mode:

Delete Key : Black Out

To assign a Sequence Button a keyboard shortcut, right click on the button and select Assign/Delete Keyboard Shortcut.

A pop up like the one below will appear in the center of the screen. Press the keyboard button to assign and the press the Save Keyboard Shortcut button.

On the selected button there will be a letter indicating the shortcut. Selecting the Latch option will make the shortcut key work the same as putting the sequence in Release Mode. The Bump option will release everything else on the page, but only keep the button active as long as the shortcut key is held down. To stack buttons using keyboard shortcuts, the shift or control key must be held down at the same time.

The same process is used to assign keyboard shortcuts to page buttons.