Create RGB FX Using the Wizard

The basic component of a light show in Enlighten is the Sequence Button. It allows you to create a button that calls a look you programmed and then play multiple buttons at the same time. So this technique allows the user to build the looks for each of the fixture group one at a time and then play them back at the same time to create the final look of all lights in the show together.

Here are the steps we take to create our first button using the sequence wizard.

1. Switch to 'Playback Mode' using the button on the top right hand corner of the Enlighten window.

2. Right click in the button field and select Create New Button 

3. The Start Wizard screen will appear. Select the Sequence Button Option and press the Start Button.

4. The wizard pop-up will appear and switch the Enlighten Screen to Programming Mode. The initial wizard pop up will give a brief overview of the what we are doing, press next. Now the wizard will ask you to pick a fixture group to create the new button for. Press the fixture group you want to select and press next. Make sure this is a fixture group with all RGB fixtures or LED's in it.

5. Next the wizard will ask you to make sure the shutter has opened and the selected lights are pointing down. If not, use the faders to alter the values that make the light turn on. In most cases LEDs will show no response. Just continue to the next step.

6.Once the light is on press the next button. The Wizard will now ask you to select the color you would like for the fixtures selected. Select the color you would like for this Sequence Button and press the Next Button. DO Not Select A Color for RGB FX.

7. The Wizard will now ask you to choose the gobo for the Sequence Button you are Creating. Select the Gobo and press the next button. If the fixture does not have gobos you can press next. DO Not Select A GOBO for RGB FX.

8. We are almost done. Now the RGB FX palette preset will show. Select the RGB FX  you would like. We can only press one RGB FX per Wizard run, So if you don't like the look you'll have to start over. To avoid this, more advanced programmers can create a RGB FX Sequence Button without the wizard.

 9. Next, click the Save Button

10. The last step is to name the Sequence Button. Type in the name for the button and press the Save Sequence. If you would like the colors not to fade between steps, un-select the Use Fade Scene Setting.

11. You will now be switched to the Playback Screen where the new button will be in the New Button Area on the far right corner of screen. You can now move the button anywhere on the screen and use it to call back the look you just created.