How to Create My Own Fixture Groups

Creating fixture groups allows the user to quickly select and control a group of lights. When a fixture is loaded, a corresponding fixture type group, odds, and evens are automatically created. Groups can include any of the fixtures patched, so the user may create a group with a mix of all fixtures patched. Below are the steps needed to create a user created group.

Go to the Fixture screen located on the programming screen.

Select the fixtures to include in the group. Use the 'rubber band' to select all close by fixtures. Holding the CTRL key down while clicking on each fixture will also select multiple fixtures. A fixture is selected when the fixture name background turns red. Once all the fixtures have been selected go to the groups tab in the Palettes window and press the create new group button.

A Dialog will pop up asking to name the group. Once the group is named, press ok. The new fixture group will appear in the groups tab. We can now use this group to select multiple fixtures and make programming quicker and easier.

Note: to de-Select fixtures in the Fixture Window, just click on any area with no fixture and all selected fixtures will be un-selected.