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Enlighten Stage Lighting Controller 2.2 BETA


From customer feedback and user interaction we have added some great features. This new version is still in the final BETA stage so if you find a bug or error please email the details to: wp@mega-lite.com

Download Enlighten Stage Lighting Controller BETA 2.2

version 2.1.99

New Features Include:

Artnet Output:

Using third party Artnet devices Enlighten duplicates the DMX output going to the USB DMX interface onto the ArtNet Device.

Dual View:

This will allow you to use two monitors on the same computer, one for the programming screen and one for the playback screen.


360 Flip will position a fixture at the same positon but change the travel to that position.

Also the center of a shape is now determined by its starting position.



Insert Blackout Scene:

This is similar to a Mark Cue on other consoles. This will create a duplicate scene but not transfer the intensity data. This allows for the light to move into position and then turn on intensity.


Live Tab:

The Live tab is design to be used when live changes to the stage need to be made. If one or more buttons/sequence are running and Live Mode is turned on, Enlighten will keep track of any changes made, so when you are ready to go back to the original button running, just turn off Live mode.


Button Mode:

All buttons on a page can now be toggled to Release Mode, Stack Mode, or Default Mode.



An Option was added so that after each step is complete the nest step will only automatically go when the Play/Go button is pressed.


Many other Improvements: