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Enlighten Stage Lighting Controller Release NEWS


From customer feedback and user interaction we have added some great features.

Version 4.16 11/12/13

  1. Disable preset embedding by default

  2. Two Buttons on different pages fading out at same time refresh fixed

  3. Remember Shape size and position on seqeunce edit

  4. Fixtures patching on Matrix Layer fixed

  5. Fixture Select from patch list

  6. Pixel Select from matrix view

  7. Limit preset position to screen size

  8. Video screen size properties dialog

  9. Pan and tilt size together

  10. Default RGB FX to 20 steps

  11. Fixed crash when calling button that does not exist in Web remote

  12. Implemented Undo feature for palettes only

  13. Adding video presets with thumbnails

  14. added video cross-fading

  15. added video contrast, hue, brightness, position and size

  16. Sub masters can be speed or dimmer

  17. Added Blind mode

  18. Sped up profile palette generation for RGB fixtures

  19. Changed dmx output so only live universes get data.

  20. Removed the possibility of changing fade time to 0

  21. Don't reset steps when applying RGB FX or MFX

  22. Delete last fixture automatically creates new show with same name

  23. Insert blackout scene only effects active channels

  24. On edit sequence, joystick and faders get refreshed

  25. Sequence not recognized error fixed

  26. Saving old and new Sequence As the same Fixed

  27. Changed Fader Look

  28. Preset Range Slider remembers Value

  29. Video Adjustment Wheels Remembers Value after video preset change

  30. Bad Video Preset file automatically deletes

  31. Par64 can now be visualized in 3d viewer with colors

  32. Reduced blinking on fixture icons

  33. Fixed Grandmaster and sub Master not working on video buttons without fade in/out selected

  34. When deleting some fixture would also delete layer fixed

VERSION 3.20 (Updated 11/14/12)

1.Preset should save all on prev next, it would show that all fixtures were selected but the preset only saved yellowed fixture. Fixed
2.Shift go release playback, to turn of button in a button group. Done
3.Flip 360 crash, on q50 wash, was caused because it is not a 16bit fixture,Fixed bug
4.On initial creation of groups does not go next or previous. Fixed
5.Un-touch channel, a way to remove a channel from a sequence,Placed it on faders tab, when off is pressed channel is removed from sequence. Done
6.Shift and wheel for trait fanning, on wheels allow the fanning of channel values. Done
7.Error when pressing un assigned button group submasters Fixed
8.Multi buttons execs needs to rememberintensity on execution , Fixed
9.Reverse crossfade / fadetime direction, cross fade slider needs to be reversed. Done
10.Cross fade Time adjust on wing does not save. Fixed
11.Refresh after preset create Fixed
12.Assign more than 16 buttons on a wing/page added. Done
13.All Multi Buttons on a page crashes when using web server. Fixed
14.Midi Crash on go buttons. Fixed
15.Fx gen zeros out values on other channels when starting with a one step sequence. Fixed.
16.Live programming stops playbacks. Fixed, any playback that is altered live will show up in the live tab, and when pressed will refresh to original look
17.Last view does not show up if it is a numerical name on patch window. Fixed
18.Patch list needs universe number. Fixed
19.Chan 1 shows at 513 on universe 3 . Fixed
20.This key error when moving from fix to fix. Fixed
21.Go button does not work on some assigned button to fader. Fixed
22.Still have leftover playbacks when creating new multi buttons .Fixed 23.After re-save look turns off. Fixed
24.Fan on allot(24+) of fixtures does not work properly . Fixed
25.Joystick rough with allot of fixtures. Fixed
26.Cross fade time does not work button groups. Fixed
27.Create a release fixture feature. Fixed
28.On selecting a fixture goes to that playback. Done
29.When a playback is running cannot take it over for static look will fix with if new playback. Resolved with using live tab to keep track of live changes
30.Release to zero should put pan/tilt to 128. Fixed
31.If i am a new playback take over channels. Fixed
32.Slow performance on show fade times out. Fixed
33.Squash faders. Done
34.Tool tip live mode. Done
35.Fade from and to stacked buttons was improved.
36.After live changes, when pressing other buttons live changes would get changed back. Fixed

 VERSION 3.00 (Updated 6/26/12)

1.Improved support for control wing on Enlighten, lots of minor changes and fixes.
2.Hardware detect button in settings window
3.black on color palette
4.multi save from playback
5.fixtures controlled by a playback get selected on playback select
6.new Enlighten One wheels below palettes in Enlighten
7.improved midi support includes grand master/blackout
8.trait type now shown in auto generated palettes
9.lamp on/off now generates in the function palettes presets
10.added master Pause button on playback screen
11.expandable windows size on playback view
12.button group, etc.. moved to top menu
13.ability to trigger a timeline button from another timeline
14.audio eq/efx in matrix engine
15.Sped up multi button execution
16.duplicate page
17.fade from and to stacked buttons
18.Added the ability to change fixture numbers
19.Made sure a fixture had a name before allowing to patch
20.Added the ability to step through a buttons steps with arrow keys when in focus
21.Added bump button option with mouse
22.added skip beat option in audio trigger
23.Double click fixture to bring up fixture start channel and info
24.Removed black space in dual screen mode
25.Auto Detect New Midi devices without restart
26.Made it possible to change DMX timing parameters via software
27.Shows Fade out percentage on buttons that are fading out


VERSION 2.80 (Updated 7/19/11)

new features:

Ability to move fixture start channels

Improved wing support

Bug Fixes

VERSION 2.60 (Updated 2/8/11)

new features:

Button timer allows for each button to be turned on and off according to day and time of day

Improved wing support

Bug Fixes

VERSION 2.50 (Updated 10/4/10)

new features:

iPad/IPhone/Web Device Remote Control ( look under the setting page to activate )

Better Matrix Tools

Bug Fixes

Enlighten Control Wing Support

Whats New in Version 2.23